#61: The Rambling Man | The Wrong Warp The Wrong Warp

We watch the lead singer of a band do something gross. We talk briefly about a friend's sacred geometry dream. I talk more smack about the e-girl. We learn about a celebrity's gross habit. We watch some bizarre old commercials. Working out constantly is weird to me. We look at a strange old document that defines some cult techniques of psychological manipulation. We watch a clip of a female rapper's possible balls/alternative identity. A dead rapper's take on frequency. Halloween ATV. A possibly very shady company. What I thought was some weird stuff about an important person in England turned out to be maybe nothing. I give you my weird celebrity thoughts. We then look into some more interesting stuff about America's 'leader'. An old classic of the cringe music of the week. I cap things off with a reminder not to get sucked into whatever the current main narrative is.  JOIN THE MINUS WORLD: buymeacoffee.com/TheWrongWarp If you live in the US & want a T-shirt, head over to TheWrongWarp.com/Tshirt Email the show: Ketsuban@TheWrongWarp.com Follow on Instagram @thewrongwarps  Follow on Twitter @TheWrongWarp Join our Facebook group, The Wrong Warp.  Check out The Blue Hues on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6nffJGtjWZwrssFzfpKLJU
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